Mr. Naseem Shafi
Chairman EC

Mr. Abdul Rauf Farouk
Member EC

Mr. S.M. Saleem
Member EC

Mr. Shahid Shafiq Member EC

Mr. Shahid Shafiq
Member EC

Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman
Member EC

Mr. Faisal Gulzar Member

Mr. Faisal Gulzar
Member EC 

Brig Mirza Khawar Baig  SI(M), (R)

Member EC 

Syed Sarfaraz Ahmed
(Vice Principal)

Member EC

Mr. Bilal Ahmed Khan
(Coordinator O level)

Member EC 

Mr. Yasir Jalali
(Secondary Section)

Member EC 

Ms. Kaneez Fatima
(H.M.After Noon)

Member EC 

Ms. Hanifa Zulfiqar

Member EC

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