Code of Conduct for Students


All students must observe the school / college rules in letter and spirit within the school / college premises as well as during official visits to other institutions or places. Violation of rules makes students liable to corrective action. Students admitted to the school / college will abide by the following rules:

  1. Students shall be neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform and conduct themselves gracefully both in and outside the school / college premises. They should be courteous towards the teaching and other staff members as well as fellow students and visitors. They shall accept responsibilities willingly as and when given by staff/prefects and accept corrective actions, if any, cheerfully.
  2. Boys will have a neat gentlemanly haircut and girls simple hair-do. Girls are not to put on jewellery/ornaments/make-up. They may use headscarf in and out of the classroom.
  3. Students recite the National Anthem, as a pledge, renewed every day, in the Morning Assembly to work for the glory of Pakistan.
  4. Students will be regular and punctual in attending all periods, organized activities and morning assembly.
  5. After arrival in school / college no pupil is allowed to leave without the permission of his/her class teacher and Headmaster/Headmistress or Principal.
  6. In the event of the need to leave the school / college earlier due to illness or urgent personal matters, his/her parent/guardian may take their ward after due permission.
  7. It is mandatory for all students to attend at least 75% of periods in each subject, failing which; they will not be allowed to sit for any annual examination of the school / college. The students shall be responsible for completion of their class work / practice missed by them for any reason.
  8. Absentees, upon return, must produce a medical certificate or an application duly endorsed by parents/guardians.
  9. Possession & usage of cigarette/paan/niswar and other such items are strictly prohibited.
  10. Students are not allowed to bring expensive items like camera, CDs, mobile telephone, personal or family belongings as these will be confiscated and will be returned after having been charged a fine of Rs. 500/- through bank challan.
  11. Students are not allowed to visit classes/sections to which they do not belong.
  12. Students shall protect school / college property. Any deliberate and willful effort to damage deface/steal the property will be treated as a serious breach of discipline. Compensation in the addition to fine will be imposed if anyone found guilty. Serious cases may entail rustication from the school/college.
  13. Students must qualify all class tests, terminal and annual examination. Failing in annual exam twice in the class will qualify for automatic expulsion for the school/college.
  14. Students are not allowed to enter the school without uniform beyond the Reception Desk.
  15. Parents may contact Information Desk/Principal for any query on tel nos given at the back page.

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