Pre Primary Section

From the academic year 2012 – 2013, the management has three years Montessori in place of two years KG system it comprises three grades i.e Mont Junior, Mont Senior and Mont Advance. Children falling in age groups of 3+ ,4+ and 5will be eligible for admission in Mont Junior, Senior and Advance respectively.

During their Montessori training children will learn many new skills, understand their environment and adopt good habits and manners through different activities and drills. In Mont Junior they will learn to recognize English alphabets from a-z and numbers from 1 – 10. They would learn to recognize different shapes and colours also. In Mont Senior, besides learning counting ( 1- 50 ) and other subject knowledge, they will learn about personal hygiene and care and develop senses like visual, olfactory, auditory, tactile etc. Their vocabulary will be enriched through audio-visual materials and activities. In Mont Advance the children will develop the habit of independent work and personal traits like patience, discipline, cleanliness and thoughtfulness. They will learn to speak, read and make small sentences in English.

By the time a child completes his Mont Training, he will be 6+and will be very well equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to begin the Primary education.

Co Curricular Activities

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