Student’s Name: [text-237]
Father’s / Guardian’s Name: [text-238]
Date of Birth: [date-482]
Gender: [menu-3]
Place of Birth: [text-241]
District: [text-242]
Religion: [text-243]
Nationality: [text-244]
Class to which admission is sought (required): [menu-229]
Class in which studying at present / school last attendeded: [text-245]
Last School Name: [text-246]
School Leaving Certificate No: [text-247]
School Leaving Date: [date-483]
Local Address: [text-68]
Parents’ Email (Father): [text-69]
Parents’ Email (Mother): [text-41]
Whatsapp No. (Father): [text-70]
Whatsapp No. (Mother): [text-102]
Permanent Address: [text-75]
Father’s / Guardian’s Occupation: [text-71]
Designation: [text-72]
Father’s / Guardian’s Monthly Income: [text-73]
Business Address: [text-74]
Telephone Number: [text-79]
Sibling 1:[text-421]
Class 1:[menu-230]
Sibling 2:[text-78]
Class 2:[menu-231]
Sibling 3:[text-81]
Class 3:[menu-232]
Sibling 4:[text-83]
Class 1:[menu-232]