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Message from Chairman, Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

Chairman, Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

It gives me immense pleasure to convey my feelings of great satisfaction and joy on this special occasion of Silver Jubilee year of this distinguished institution of Karachi which has completed twenty five years of excellent performance in the field of education.

The sapling planted by the Anjuman of Chiniot community has today grown into a gigantic tree under whose shade about 2000 students are pursuing their studies of a standard par excellence. This institution is a rare example of service to the humanity irrespective of caste or creed and where merit comes first and the last in every aspect, may it be the selection of faculty or the admission of the students.

Chiniot Islamia School and College has enviable record of excellent results in the Secondary Board Examinations. The faculty continues its efforts to achieve further glories in the future. Cambridge University system of 0′ Level started in 2004, and College classes of Intermediate have also come of age and I am certain, they will also make their own niche in the comity of such institutions not only in Karachi but all over Pakistan. The faculty of these two sections have to double their efforts to achieve distinction in this uncompromising competitive environment where survival of the fittest is the only rule of the game. My best wishes and the unflinching support of the Chiniot Anjuman Islamia is at your beck. You will not find us wanting in supporting you in your noble endeavors in order to bring laurels to this institution.

Let me also felicitate the members of the Executive Committee of the school, all members of the faculty and other support staff for making this institution write its story of astounding success on this special occasion of ‘Silver Jubilee’ of its life. I also pray to Allah Almighty to guide us in His great wisdom on the path of service to the humanity in its true sense. May God bless you all with His bounties.

Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

Message from Chairman Executive Committee

Chairman Executive Committee

I deem it a unique privilege to be directly associated with CIS&C as Chairman of the Executive Committee. It is really a matter of great pride to see an infant institution born under my stewardship growing into a handsome and overbearing institution glittering in silver at 25 years, standing tall in the community of such educational institutions which are built for the noble cause of service to the humanity irrespective of creed or castes. Merit has been the hallmark of this institution and most of our efforts are directed to establish a culture of merit and integrity. I feel proud in asserting that I have never been disappointed by the indomitable spirit and zeal of either the Anjuman or the school establishment.

The addition of a complete floor over the secondary section is the latest in the updating of the infrastructure. God willing this floor will be ready by the new session of 2012 to house another five classes which I am certain, will ease the pressure on the school administration for the time being, at least. With the completion of this floor the management of various sections will be further streamlined.

The introduction of the girls section and especially in the secondary class have been a pleasant experience which has paid dividends in the shape 100% A-1 result in the 9th class this year. Heartiest congratulations to all the young ladies and their teachers who have helped them achieve this marvelous results. Allow me to avail this opportunity to felicitate their parents who should feel proud on this excellent achievement of these brilliant daughters of theirs. God willing, we will achieve many more such laurels in the years to come.

In the end, I would like to congratulate all and sundry who have been associated with this institution in any capacity on this very auspicious occasion of the ‘Silver Jubilee’ of your great institution. May Allah Almighty give all of you strength and sagacity to serve it with further aplomb.

Muhammad Naseem Shafi
Executive Committee

Message from Managing Trustee, Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

Managing Trustee, Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

While establishing Chiniot Anjuman Islamia in 1983 the main idea was to serve the humanity in the fields of education and health especially for common people. Alhamdolillah the Anjuman has been successful in its efforts and these facilities are being extended to more and more people with the passage of time.

In order to provide quality education with a blend of Islamic teaching at an affordable cost for common people, Chiniot Islamia School was established in 1986. The school had a modest start but very soon it emerged as one of the most prestigious institutions in Karachi. The results produced in SSC exam were enviable and the state of discipline and the achievements in co-curricular activities could be matched with any academic institution of repute. On the great demand of parents, the school had been upgraded to Intermediate College, in addition to the introduction of O/A level stream evening shift up to Primary level and admission to girl students in Secondary section with the hope that maximum people would benefit from these facilities. When we look back we feel a great sense of achievement. I wish and pray that the institution
may achieve still further heights through hard work and dedication of the staff. 0 level stream and the college have matured over the years. Similarly the girl students have also brought many a laurel to their alma mater and produced excellent results in Matric Exams.

This year being the ‘Silver Jubilee’ year of CIS&C has special importance for us. This is an occasion to thank Allah Almighty for giving us the strength to pursue the noble cause of service to the humanity and at the same time renew our pledge that we will double our efforts in this direction. God willing, our efforts will reap rich dividends.

In the end, I pray to Allah Almighty for the prosperity of the school/college and the achievement of its mission. May Allah bless the staff and the students with the vigour to work with more zeal and bring further glories to this great institution. Ameen.

Managing Trustee
Chiniot Anjuman Islamia

Message from the Principal

message“Education is not the knowledge of facts, it is the knowledge of values”. G.K. Chesterton.

We at the Chiniot Islamia School & College, as the name signifies, provide the best possible academic education but the overwhelming aim of this institution is the promotion of Islamic values which we have lost on the way, in a mad race, to so called modernization. We strive here not only to produce well informed intelligent citizens but also the leaders who will lead the future generations with the strength of their moral values which are not only the bed rock of our religion but are also the corner stone of the charter of Humanity. These values are universal in nature which ultimately lead to a person to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and evil. Education creates the awareness about these values and our religion goes a step further to make this discrimination the basis of our faith.

At the Chiniot Islamia School & College, discipline is the pre-requisite for achieving the aim of inculcating these values in our students. Discipline being the hall mark of any educated community cannot be over emphasized. Punctuality, courtesy, integrity and above all the spirit of ‘tolerance’ and ‘reverence’ are the essential ingredients of any disciplined student community. These are, in fact, the qualities of any good leader of men. We follow the moto here ‘We Produce Leaders’ thus imbibing in our students the sense of self discipline before instilling in them the belief and unwavering faith in these values.

We, at the CIS&C, have a dedicated, experienced and committed lot of teachers who are not only very well versed in their respective subjects but are also high achievers in their field which is evident from the result they produce every year in the Board and Cambridge University O’ Level exams. Above all these are their moral moorings which not only make them a class apart but also give their institution a unique honour of creating its own niche of a happy blend of modern education tempered with moral values. Custom made infrastructure equipped with every essential equipments, may it be a well furnished library or its science and computer Laboratories, speak of a vibrant institution with a conducive academic environment sans commotion and chaos
which, unfortunately, has become a norm in the modern day education.

To crown it all, this institution provides excellent education at a cost which is astonishingly low as compared to all such institutions of the metropolis of Karachi. This has been made possible only by the generous and unassuming contribution of the Chiniot Anjuman Islamia which not only helps the students here generously but has also created a trust for their educational needs once they have left the Chiniot Islamia School & College. This endowment is also meant for merit scholarship for talented student on all Pakistan Level for which the plan will be unveiled very soon.

Lt Col (R) Abdul Rahman